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M'Era Luna Festival in Germany

As every year in August, the small German town Hildesheim will be under the sign of darkness. 50000 gothics will be present for the M'Era Luna. It looks like all the European bats have left the bell towers to reach Hildesheim. People in black, pale make-up, black eyes...The gothics have been doing the best they could: creativity, excentricity, sensuality, aesthetic and darkness. This year, it is a special festival. The head-liners are The Sisters of Mercy and The Fields of the Nephilim. Both bands have been the Godfathers of death rock in the 80's...

After many electro/wave bands, it's time for Anathema. The band crashed completely! A disaster. The sound is too hard. They have to play in the hangar but it is a bad place for a metal band. Too much echo. This is sad. I saw Anathema a few times and I know that they are able to play as in heaven. How could the organiztion put them in the hangar?.

The Finnish band Him. They look like a boys band. Little girls in love with vocalist Valo...They call their music Love Metal instead of gothic metal. It makes me suspicious. The music is weak, the lyrics too sweet...Him is a new idol, but certainly not a renewer.

The Swedish band Tiamat will give a good show...as usual. Unfortunately, a big part of the public will leave before the end of the show. Not because of a bad sound but because the Sisters of Mercy will begin to play on the main stage. Again: bad organization!

The Sisters of Mercy...All the bats are there for them. The public is waiting for Andrew Eldritch, Emperor of all The Gothic Nations for 20 years! But when Andrew finally arrives, it's clear that he is not in the mood. He stands there , arrogant as usual, playing his music. He can't convince the audience. After 40 minutes, the people begin to leave. Disappointment!

By the way, Mister Eldritch refuses to be called a goth. To prove it, he painted his hair blond and he wears space glasses. He also refused that the name of the band should appear on the festival T-shirts. Arrogance could kill him one day...

The second day, the German metal band Near Dark opened the dance. Near Dark is a band which deserves some attention. They already have 2 albums out. I hope they will be able to break the German frontiers. The future will tell us...

Finally, it's time. I was waiting for them : The Fields of the Nephilim! Wonderful! The music is strong and Carl McCoy's voice is so deep and dark. The public is totally hypnotized by the charisma of the band. What a presentation! They also play two songs from Nephilim's Zoon, strong dark metal. For the ones who have never seen The Fields of the Nephilim, I should recommend them. Just go, see them, nobody will be disappointed.

August 21, 2000
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