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Guide to CE's Album Ratings

A few months ago I decided to start including my album ratings in my reviews. For purposes of reference, I've decided to write this short guide to my album ratings, which are considerably stricter than those used by anyone else I know.

0.0 - utter noise, the most horrid sound known to man (fortunately, I don't think I've ever experienced this)

1.0 - total, nauseous garbage on Britney Spears' level

2.0 - bad enough to induce laughter but not nausea

3.0 - also really bad, but you can see how someone, somewhere might foolishly enjoy it

4.0 - subpar, definitely below average with few redeeming qualities

5.0 - considering the entire output of recorded music in all genres, perfectly average or mediocre

6.0 - okay, but nothing special, worth a few listens; perhaps derivative or uninspired, or original but seriously flawed in some way

6.5 - interesting in some aspects but does not hold attention throughout; above average for metal but not elite

7.0 - pretty good; the kind of thing I would like to have around to listen to once in a while

7.5 - quite solid; good enough for me to want to buy it on CD

8.0 - truly excellent and thoroughly enjoyable; probably one of the top few albums of the year

8.5 - a work of art; inspired, groundbreaking, and essential

9.0 - a true masterpiece; possibly one of the greatest albums of all time

9.5 - an important musical achievement in the historic context of Western civilization; mindblowing and life-changing music

10.0 - musical perfection; something which unfortunately I have never heard before

January 23, 2006
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