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Dying Fetus live-Albany, NY 1/10/01

Well, first concert of the year for myself...ventured up to Valentine's to catch Dying Fetus, All Out War, Diecast, and local band Traumaside. I was quite eager to hear Dying Fetus, with the very recent anouncement of bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton's departure and the replacements Derek Boyer (Deprecated) on bass and Vince Matthews (Sadistic Torment) on vocals.

Traumaside was first up, putting on a good show overall, playing some songs from their 'Force Fed' mcd and a few new ones. Just to give a brief description, Traumaside play some brutal death metal with some great mosh sections. Can't wait for a full length! I am not going to write about Diecast or All Out War, as I am not a hardcore fan, so I was pretty indifferent to it.

Ah, time for Dying Fetus, now as a five-piece. I overheard some people expressing doubts beforehand but rest assured, all doubts were dropped once they broke into the classic "Blunt Force Trauma"! Derek Boyer sounded great, and Vince Matthews...whoa, he sounded damn great! He was very down to earth on the stage and seemed to add a bit of new dimension to the singing in some spots. He sounded just like Jason in some spots, but he seemed to be able to get a bit higher which sounded really cool. Gallagher sounded great as usual, both the guitar playing and the low vocals and Kevin Talley is insane on the drumkit! As always, DF put on a great live show, playing songs mostly from 'Killing on Adrenaline' and the newest album 'Destroy the Opposition'. My only complaint was the absence of one song: "Nocturnal Crucifixion", that song is a classic! But oh well. Some highlights were "Raped on the Altar" (didn't hear that one live last time I saw them), "Intentional Manslaughter" (If this isn't the most moshable song, I don't know what is), and the encore of "Skullfucked"! (my fave song actually). Some of the other tracks I remember included "Killing on Adrenaline", "Pissing in the Mainstream", "Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog", "Destroy the Opposition", "Epidemic of Hate", and "Bringing Back the Glory". I know there was a few more but I really don't remember them at this moment. In conclusion, definitely go and see Dying Fetus, you don't need any doubts about their performance!

January 12, 2001
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