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Black Metal Hillbillies (humor)

The Black Metal Hillbillies are back with a relentless assault upon your senses! From the dewy, mountainous wastes of Tennessee comes a blackened attack you have never heard before. Your ears will bleed! Hail the new Satanic masters, Black Metal Hillbillies. Their new release, "Deep Deep South," is available from Confederate Records. Track listing is as follows:

1. Deep Deep South
2. Curse Ye All Yankees
3. Barbeque of Souls
4. I Drank the Devil's Moonshine
5. Dead, Hot, and Ready to Eat
6. Civil Warheart
7. The Rape and Ruin of Savannah (Burn in Hell, Sherman)
8. Spiritual Black Side of Town
9. Rebel Flag Extravaganza
10. Where Dead Possum Lie
11. De Mysteriis dom Last Saturday's Shindig

Get it now, or die!

April 1, 2001
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