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Stupid Recorder
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I am still excited about the fact that I interviewed Peter Lindgren, it was a year ago but hey, we talked in the phone for a long time. I was finally getting over myself when I recieved an email from an Opeth lady asking me if I´d like to do another interview, but this time with Mikael. I pissed my pants. Of course this time it was not going to be the hour long chat (I just made questions up along the way, read it and see) I had with Peter, I had only 20 minutes (he had many more to do) and had to be original and professional. Mikael was going to call me at precisely 1:00 pm sharp eastern time, which was 2:00 pm my time. I waited and waited and waited. I sat next to the phone for more than two hours, I went through several magazines, decorated all of my delivery food menus and read my questions more than a hundred times. I was ready to leave my house, as a looser that had probably given them a wrong phone number when the phone rang, I assumed it was my mom (she was in town) so, still as a looser, I answered with a dull Hola (spanish hello) but to my surprise a strange voice with an accent answered back, "Hello?, this is Mikael from Opeth" Yay! I pressed play and (after he finished making his coffee) started my smart and professional twenty minute interview. I asked him about the tours, which he likes and the recording sessions which he hates. He talked about his lyrics which he has a hard time writing (so much pressure,so little time) and the upcoming album. What I enjoyed most was what he said about his three major goals in life. His first is to work in a guitar store, which he has already done, his second is to be a professional musician which he is doing, and his third is to own a record store which he plans to do after Opeth. Everyone knows that the Opeth leader is a fan of variety (a popular trend among metal-heads these days)so the Mikael onwned store will probably be the best place to go to for good music, and it will no doubtlty include a special Porcupine Tree section, which Im always up for. Mikael had another interview so I thanked him, said goodbye and hanged up the phone. I rewinded the whole interview and pressed play. Nothing. My voice then nothing, my not Opeth-leadsinger voice then nothing but the far away barely audible sound of Mikael´s voice. What can I say it was a combination of anger, happiness (hey, I talked to him) uselesness and hunger.

March 11, 2003
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