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Sanguinary Butchery lyrics (humor)

666metal.com is proud to present lyrics to the advance single from the upcoming project from former members of Carcass and Napalm Death, The Grinding Philosophers. Without any further ado:

Sanguinary Butchery

By The Grinding Philosophers

They pared off my body
Corpse convulses, twitches, dies
There was no other way
They carved and hacked away

Carved, hacked away
Sliced, diced for pay

They ripped my face off with forceps
And threw me into a vat
Naked brains bathed in blood
Kept alive, but for what?

Sanguinary butchery
For the sake of philosophy

What we learned in Metaphysics
Where does identity reside?
Through a gore-fest demonstrated
Mutilated I still survived

Carved, hacked away
Sanguinary butchery
Sliced, diced for pay
For the sake of philosophy

They tossed me into a blender
And ground my brain to ragged
Bits of blood-drenched flesh
They knew not - I am a soul

Disfigured beyond belief
I still survive
They ate my carcass
But I still live
Dualism justified
...But no one to record it save I


April 1, 2001
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