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Black metal that carries on the European traditionalist sound coupled with symphonic and progressive influences.

Country: Australia
  1. An Eclipse in Blood
  2. Storms in the Shadowlands
  3. Glories of the Nightsky
  1. Meridians Ablaze
  2. Serpentis
  3. Celestial Transcendence of the Aphelion
  4. As Mist Befell the Ruins
  5. Summoning the Essence of Ancient Wisdom
Released as MCD
  1. Ode to Antiquity
  2. Millennia of Bloodshed (An Eclipse in Blood, anno MMI)
  3. Serpentis (Live)
  4. As Mist Befell the Ruins (Live)
  5. Thurisaz (Reflections of Inception)
  6. Hagalaz (Destructive Forces)
  7. Raido (The Journey)
Released as MCD
  1. The Funeral Procession (Intro)
  2. Ritual Hate Construct
  3. Revere the Labyrinth
  4. Glories of the Nightsky
  5. Ode to Antiquity
  6. Arborescence
  7. Acquisition of the Stars
  8. Reaper of Dark Ages
  9. The Halls of Perdition
  • Arzarkhel - Vocals
  • Baaruhl - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
  • Gryphon - Drums and Percussion
  • Murtach - Bass
Additional Musicians:
Helthtor - Co-Arrangments and Composition
Lachlan Mitchell - Orchestral/Synthesizer Arrangements
Tharen - Composer and Performer of "The Funeral Procession"

Produced by Lachlan Mitchell and Astriaal
Length: 40:16
  1. The Throne to Perish
  2. Ode to Antiquity
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