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Side project of prominent black metallers that is not itself black metal, but a sort of heavy avant-garde metal. Lyrics built around corporate/business themes.

Country: Norway
  1. Auditorium of Modern Movements
  2. Acceleration
  3. The Concept of Haste
  4. A Song for D. Incorporated
  5. The Green Office and the Dark Desk Drawer
  6. The Flow at 09:30 AM
  7. Of Concrete and Glass
  8. 90* Angles
  9. I No Longer Know if I Am Mad
  10. Synthetic, Fabricated, Calculated
  1. The Idea of Independence and the Reason Why It's Austere
  2. Mr M., Man of Muzak
  3. Vouchers, Coupons, and the End of a Shopping Session
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