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Melancholic melodic black metal, which has some hints of older Katatonia influence.

Country: Sweden
  1. Our Dawn of Victory
  2. I'm An Other in the Night
  3. So Far Beyond... (The Vastforest)
  4. A Castle So Crystal Clear
  5. As I Behold the Dying Sun
  6. Vinterskogen
  7. Still the Night is Awake
  8. A Vinter Breeze
  9. Wings of Sorrow
  • Pehr Larsson - strings of vinter, guitars, backing vox
  • Andreas Svensson - black abyssic thunder
  • Forn Bragman - strings of knight, acoustic guitars, vocals
Recorded winter 1995 at Unisound Studios
Keyboards played by Dan Swano except track 3 and the final part of track 9
Length: 49:45
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