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Gothic metal from Australia. A heavy band that focuses on moods and atmospheric feel. Some classical instruments are used and the riffs as well as the melodies are haunting and emotional. Occasional Gregorian-like chants can be heard on the vocals (and to good effect I might add)

Country: Australia
  1. Opera de Trance
  2. A Saint is Weeping
  3. Whispers of Dead Sisters
  1. Opera De Romanci
  2. Walk Without Limbs
  3. Of Your Beauty
  4. Drink The Midnight Hymn
  5. Museum Of Iscariot
  6. Lamenting Kiss
  7. Weep For Me
  8. I Sleep With The Emperor
  9. A Poet's Tears Of Porcelain
  1. Adorned In Ashes
  2. Velvet Tongue
  3. And The Kiss Of God.s Mouth (Part 1)
  4. And The Kiss Of God.s Mouth (Part 2)
  5. Renaissance
  6. The Everlasting
  7. Cult Of Crucifixion
  8. Beloved
  9. Our Wings Are Burning
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