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One of the earliest death-doom-goth releases ever. Lyrically a pure joke with gory tales of cannibal gynecologists and such it still sounds pretty interesting and energizing even compared to many of the later achievements in the genre. Have since changed their name to As I Lay Dying.

Country: Austria
  1. (I Am) Enamoured Of Dead Bodies
  2. At The Epicurean Gynecologist
  3. Muse Perverse
  4. Knee-Deep In Blood I Wade
  5. Chewing Female Genital Parts
  6. Tender Flesh... On The Bier
  7. Gangling Menstrual Blood-Broth For Supper
  • Hannes Wuggenig - vocals, guitars
  • Stephan Strnad - drums
  • Dominik Lirsch - bass
  • Jurgen Hajek - guitars
Recorded at Jack Daniels Studio,Feb.93/Jan.94
Artwork by Dario Krobath
Layout by David Heininger
VISCERAL EVISCERATION - INCESSANT DESIRE FOR PALATABLE FLESH | Harm.us - Death, Black, Doom and Gothic Metal WebZine, bandlist, cd reviews, interviews, mp3 and forum
Length: 54:44
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