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This is an interview I had with Sassan who has been so kind to answer my questions.

V: Could you tell us how the band arose? And why is the line-up changed?

S: We established Near dark in 1995. Between "one Day" and "Lights", Near Dark played with two guitarists. Michael Gusky (ex-Secret Discovery) left the band afther 6 months. In the meantime , Cain left the band too. Gothic wasn't his decision. Then we found our new bass-player Mart (ex-Morgoth)

V: On your first album, there were songs in Spanish and German. Why do you only sing in English nowadays? More popular?

S: "Hijos de Puta" is a song about war( the civil Spanish war). "Dachau" must be written in German. It's a song full of rage and anger. So, I chose German.

V: How would you qualify Near Dark? Is it gothic metal? What are your influences?

S: "One Day" is a gothic metal album. "Lights" is more gothic rock than gothic metal. But all in all we can say Near Dark is a gothic band.
Influences? I like so much different music...very different. Enya, Fields Of The Nephilim, Chicane, The Chameleons, Paul Van Dyk...You see, very different music, but the mutuality is the "ATMOSPHERE".

V: What is your definition of gothic nowadays?

S: Gothic is a very narrow-minded style. I don't like it. If I say Paul Van Dyk makes good music, the people will say: "you are not gothic!". Do you know what I mean? I don't like this way to go.

V: Why is gothic metal so popular in Germany?

S: I think it is the melting point of gothic and metal. This music style is more open than pure metal or gothic. Metal fans and gothic people come together.

V: One of my favorite songs is "Dachau". Speaking about Dachau, I always have the feeling that Germany is still feeling guilty after all this time. Why? Is it true that extreme right is rising up again in Germany?

S: I wrote this song, because I'm enraged about extreme-right-fucking people! They are very stupid! "I love the world" (New Model Army), not only one country! Germany is guilty if nobody will do something against extreme-right-fucking-people! And then, I'll emigrate, really!

V: What are your plans with Near Dark in the future?

S: We are still working on a new album. Maybe we will make a "no-one hit". Ha, ha...

September 19, 2000
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