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Germany's Night in Gales-fresh off of the great 'Nailwork' album and weeks away from heading back into the studio for their forth full-length effort, vocalist Bjoern Goosses was kind enough to let us in on whats happening in the N-i-G world.

Wayfaerer-To start things out, how did you come up with the name "Night in Gales"?

Bjoern-Well...actually our guitarist Jens stole the name from a friend of him, who wanted to call his gothrock band like this...but it was alright with him...we wanted a name that's including sort of both beauty and agression...you know a nightingale is a bird that sings pretty beautifully and a night in gales is obviously a damn stormstruck dark thingy thing, hehe...

W-What has the reaction been to 'Nailwork' so far? I'd say its definitely your most mature release to date.

B-Thanx, Kyle. We're pretty pleased with the album as well. Some say it's very progressive and sometimes hard to listen to, but on the other hand most people indeed seemed to be quite impressed by its original sound...guess we are on our way to find the real n-i-g-style...

W-Well, it took me a few listens to fully appreciate 'Nailwork' (as with 'Thunderbeast') so correct me if you think I'm wrong here, but I think there are many people that still just seem to dismiss you guys and lump you in with the NWOSDM (New Wave of Swedish Death Metal) just because of your past releases and for some odd reason, would prefer a more "In Flames-ish" sound. What do you think?

B-We are that kind of band that usually has a close contact to the crowd...when we play a show we really appreciate to have a few beers with fans, or when we meet some guys in a pub or something, we surely won't be sort of arrogant assholes...and we are always interested in our fans' thoughts and critics....but actually this never influences our songwriting...when someone likes one of the first albums but possibly not the new one, we don't give a fuck...I mean, of course a band is nothing without fans, but we create music for us in the first sense, ya know?! The thing is...what does the listener expect...?! Does he want his fave band to play the same style on each album?! Unfortunately some people do this, but then the same people who made you famous want to limit you...that's kinda absurd, isn't it ?!

W-I know there are a number of people that don't even know you have left Nuclear Blast. Why did you leave and why did you chose Massacre Records?

B-As Skid Row said "...to me it's just monkey business..." Nuclear Blast just got too big. Especially for 'Nailwork' they almost didn't do any promotion. The Nuclear Blast USA office was quite alright, but here in Europe there was nothing...it's surely a good label for bigger metal bands, but coz they most times got dollar signs in their eyes now, it's too hard to keep up the rat race for bands like us. We dissolved the contract and got a good deal with Massacre Records. I think the main thing between the band and the label is the everyday life, you know?! A good and easy cooperation, no asslickin' and no false promises. Let's see how things work out out with Massacre, by now the feeling´s pretty relaxed...( check out their site www.Massacre-records.com)

W-Interesting that you mention Nuclear Blast USA's promotion, I had figured it to be the reverse, I had found out about 'Nailwork' being released in Europe in March or April, but never heard anything from USA until I saw it in the store in July. Either way, seems like you made the right decision to me.

B-Indeed 'Nailwork' has been released in Europe on March 20th 2000, and the U.S. release was set for July 11th 2000...so it was alright I guess...it's usual for European bands that their records released in the U.S. like 2 or 3 months later...but I have to say...we of course had much more contact with the German office than with the American one, so we had much more trouble with them as well...the contact to the U.S. department was alright, but of course you don't really get to know much about the promotion over there...you seldom find American metal magazines here...however, it's over now and we are focusing on new horizons...Nuclear Blast of course still spread the former Night In Gales albums, but that was it...

W-I'm sure you've heard of the merging of Nuclear Blast USA with Century Media, what is your opinion on this, given your former position on the Nuclear Blast roster?

B-I think it's a good thing...of course the Nuclear Blast USA office wasn't much pleased with that, but I think this will be a strong cooperation and a step forward for hard stuff in the USA, we are in frequent contact with the European Century Media headquarters, and it's a really good label I think... but what about the name?! Century Blast?! Nuclear Media?!

W-One of the other staff members wanted to know whether you were originally influenced by just the Swedish scene or were you also influenced by the number of German power/thrash bands? In a sense, what made you opt for the Swedish sound instead of the German sound?

B-Well, I think the Swedes came up with a mixture of classical metalmelodies e.g. Maiden-like twin guitars and shit, and with a big portion of brutality as well...our guitarist Jens, who writes like 95% of the music, has always been a big fan of the new wave of British heavy metal...when the other guys of the band started up back in '92 or something with their first band, they played kinda like grinding doomdeath. But they just weren't satisfied with that style and thought there was something missing, namely the melody, the feeling...they just focused on brutality back then...so Night In Gales was founded with some new members to create music with more soul, more melodies, but with the same level of agression...that's it...

W-Do you ever get annoyed by the In Flames/Gothenburg comparisons?

B-Of course we do: when the comparisons are wrong. Of course we had some Swedish styled stuff on the first two albums, and then it's alright to be compared with such bands. Most times it was meant as a compliment, sometimes not...but 'Nailwork' moved away from that I think, and the next record is gonna be somewhat different again, and if anyone will judge this as a Gothenburg style album, he doesn't know a fuck about music...

W-I think Night in Gales would win the award for most cool and original song titles, how do you come up with the lyrics?

B-Great to hear that you like the lyrix...indeed I'm always trying to elaborate them well...it's just that simple: when I'm in the right mood for writing a few lines of neonblack nonsense, it just flows and reflects the way I am and the way I deal with everything...there's no special issue on which I concentrate, I try to portrait a feeling, a general kind of atmosphere. And when I tell ya how to eat a scythe, you probably realize that I'm doing it with a rotten smile...

W-Of all the songs to cover for 'Nailwork', what made you choose "Black Velvet"?

B-Jens has always been a fan of Alannah (until he realized she was a lesbian, hehe...) and we wanted to choose a slow bluesrock song to transform it into an evil thrashbaby... "Black Velvet" was just perfect. By the way...the Japanese version of 'Nailwork' has "Indians" from Anthrax as a bonus track...by now we are covering a pretty cool doomrock classic...but pssshht...more to come soon...

W-Interesting, well will this doomrock cover be on the next album?

B-It will be on the Japanese release of 'Necrodynamic', but if we'll come over to your places next summer, we'll play it live for sure...

W-Ok, I know this question goes back a ways but I gotta know. One of the cool things on 'Towards the Twilight' was the acoustic song "From Ebony Skies", which had the death-rasp vocals over the acoustic playing, why did you go with this approach?

B-Indeed many people liked this song the most from 'Towards...', which was always quite surprising for us...actually we just wrote this track to have a short atmospheric break on the album, and when Jens came up with the riffing, it was so sort of...yeah, dramatic...and in combination with the lyrics this little bastard song was so strong that I thought I must scream like hell...

W-Any hopes of a US tour anytime soon? I'm sure there must be a pretty big fan base here.

B-Yesss...we're working on it...hopefully we'll do some shows next summer. We play some festivals in Europe and in Marc, we're gonna hit Japan...the next European tour is set for September 2001, so we hope to get the chance to come to the U.S....we really get lots of cool response from over there, and the sales weren't that bad as well...just check out our website once in a while ( www.n-i-g.com ), when we got any news about touring the U.S. they'll be posted there for sure...

W-What's the new material going to sound like, or is it too early to tell?

B-No, it's not too early. We're gonna start recording in 4 weeks actually...the new stuff is comparable to the 'Nailwork' style, but it is a bit more simple and straight, most songs are kinda like 3-minute neckbreakers...some riffing sounds like a mixture of some 'Nailwork' stuff, bay area style, grindcorepunk and I don't know...it's gonna be really special...with strange vocals, even stranger lyrics and yesss, the reaper himself will be collaborating with us!! That's why the album title's gonna be 'Necrodynamic'...we'll work with Harris Johns again( check out his studio's webiste www.spiderhouse.de!)

W-That being said, does this mean that can we expect an even more aggressive sound on 'Necrodynamic'? And will there be even more vocal variation? I saw the variation as one of the strongest points in 'Nailwork', you have a really great vocal range.

B-Thanx for the compliment...yes, indeed 'Necrodynamic' will be a bit more agressive than 'Nailwork'...I think it's gonna be really cool... during the songwriting we did a little preproduction to check out the arrangements and stuff, and coz I've just got a little homestudio, we had to use a drumcomputer instead of real drums. So we just programmed the drums as fast as we liked them, hehehe...so Christian is probably gonna do some nice Lombardo-quality shit on the record.... also the vocals are more important... there's gonna be more melodic stuff, and sometimes the guitars are just playing the rhythm shit while the vox is taking over the lead melody...I think the style on 'Necrodynamic' will make it pretty hard for the press to categorize us, hehehe...

W-Do you happen to have any working song titles at the moment?

B-Hmmm...o.k., don't want you to cry...so here are a few..."Doomdrugged", "The Zeronaut", "Go Get Some Death", "Blackelectric", "Counting Flies" ................the lyrics are a bit more simple, not that sort of "How to damage your tongue..." anymore...aahh well, a little bit...but they got some new aspects, coming down on you with a scissors smile...

W-Ok, time for some fun questions. What have you been listening to lately?

B-The musical taste varies pretty much from band member to band member.... however, this is my personal current top ten list...
1) Agents of Oblivion - Agents of Oblivion
2) The Tea Party - Triptych
3) Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics
4) Pitchshifter - Deviant
5) Steve Vai - Sex and Religion
6) Nasum - Human 2.0
7) Down - Nola
8) A-ha - Minor Earth/Major Sky
9) Gladiator - Soundtrack
10) Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline

W-What was your favorite metal album of 2000?

B-Being an arrogant rockstar I say 'Nailwork' from Night In Gales...

W-Well, I don't know how arrogant a statement that is...'Nailwork' ranked #7 on my list for 2000. I've read many other positive reviews as well.

B-Great to hear 'Nailwork' is ranked #7 on your favelist this year...usually no one wants to say he (or she, of course...let's stay p.c.) likes his (or hers, hehehe...) album. And many people indeed would judge it as arrogant, when a musician says that... but I consider 'Nailwork' as at least the most important metal album for me this year, coz I'm simply in that band and I spill my damn heart's blood for it...

W-What is the greatest movie of all time?

B-I have to admit that I'm not that much into movies...I seldom visit a cinema...but I'm a big fan of Mickey Rourke, "Rumble Fish" is a killer one, "A Prayer for the Dying" is really touching...besides these movies I really like the Quentin Tarantino stuff... but the best movie of all times is probably the one called "Life", each person who watches it is the main character and the story is written by some guy called... hmmm can't remember... some people think he's got a long white beard and they say he lives somewhere above, some say his son was a famous popstar like 2000 years ago...but I don't think so...

W-If you were given one wish, what would you wish for?

B-I´d wish to have as much free wishes as I want... quite tricky indeed, hmm?!

W-Ooh, you got me on that one, haha! Any closing comments you'd like to make?

B-Not really, but take care, coz death is gonna take over soon!! 'Necrodynamic' will be released in Europe in late April, we're looking for an American licensee right now, so if anyone is reading this, get in touch! ...I hope we'll soon damage your ears playing live somewhere in the U.S.... so go get some death then !!! Cheerz...

W-Thanks for spending some time getting us up to date, I look forward to 'Necrodynamic' with an "all scissors smile" and hope to see you next summer!

December 20, 2000
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