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With no other knowledge of this band, upon first listen you may immediately think "This band must be from Sweden"! The technical playing, the melodies...but Buried Dreams is a quickly rising band from Mexico. We were able to get ahold of guitarist Antonio De Yta, to give us some insights from the Buried Dreams camp.

Wayfaerer-First off, could you give us a brief history of the band?

Antonio-The band was formed in 1995 and we started playing some covers as any other band. We participated in a heavy metal contest and won it, so that gave us the chance to play some concerts as support act and that lead us to get a deal with a label. So we released our first CD, and started playing a lot all around Mexico, getting a very good response from the scene and being considered one of the most important acts.

W-Who are your biggest influences?

A-We all have different influences, that's what makes our special style, I mean we like many bands but we like from Jazz and classical stuff to different genres of metal (death, thrash, speed, heavy) so I could mension a lot, but I think At the Gates, Blind Guardian, Arch Enemy, Slayer, Iron Maiden...are some of the most important.

W-How has the general reaction to Perceptions been? I know I have seen some positive reviews floating around.

A-Yeah I think the response has been great, I mean there has been very good reviews, and I think it has oppened us many doors now, more people know that we exist now. Now it has even been released in Japan, so for us it has been a great album.

W-What was the reasoning in flying all the way to Sweden to record Perceptions?

A-With our first CD we were not very happy with the productions, we like the music, but we really wanted it to sound better. So for the second album we wanted it to sound the best possible, so we started looking for options, and we contacted Fredrik, and best of all our label agreed with the budget. We wanted Perceptions to sound as good as any other record in the scene, and the trip was worth it.

W-How was the trip? Did you get to meet alot of bands? Do you feel that the band has gained any overseas fans from this?

A-The trip was excellent, it was a great experience. We met many nice people and bands and it was a lot of fun. We even hang out with some of them, it was really cool. With the gig we played in Berlin we surely got som overseas fans, they liked the show and we had an incredible response from the audience.

W-Speaking of live performances, how was your appearance at the Metalfest this summer? How was the crowd response?

A-It was the first time we played in the US and it was a very good start I think. Playing in such a huge festival with so many bands, it's difficult to get many people's attention. But even though many came to see us, and we had a great response from them. There were also many mexicans and it was very cool to get all the support!

W-Any plans for a US tour sometime in the future?

A-We want to play all across the US, but you know it's not easy to contact the promotors and to convince them to bring you over there. But I hope we can play soon there!!!

W-One thing that I like about Buried Dreams that seems to set you guys appart is the use of keyboards. Will there be an increased role of the keyboards on the next album?

A-We don't know, we like the keyboards part a lot, but we fired the keyboardist a few months ago, and we actually don't know if we will still include keyboards. We will decide it soon...

W-I was looking at the site and saw that you have written 3 new songs. How do the new songs sound in relation to the Perceptions album?

A-We haven't recorded them yet, but we are rehearsing a lot and now we have almost 5 songs. The sound is similar to the songs on Perceptions, maybe more aggressive and two of them are the fastest songs we've ever written, but still including slower parts, rhytm changes... I am sure who likes Perceptions will like it. But we obviously don't want to make Perceptions II, so you will find new stuff in the new songs.

W-Great! Sounds like it will be some good stuff. How is the metal scene in Mexico anyways? What seems to be the popular trend at the moment? Do you get alot of big name groups to tour there, I know Dark Tranquillity and In Flames have been there recently.

A-Here in Mexico the scene is kind of strange, it's always changing. I could say it's very trendy, black metal was very big a few years ago, Gothic is also strong now. But there is people for everything, I mean you find fans for Death, Grind/Brutal, Heavy,... Lately many bands have come to play to Mexico as you mentioned, and that has made the scene stronger.

W-What kinds of things do you do outside of Buried Dreams?

A-Some of us study and other work, we like to hang out, drink some beers, listen to music,....

W-This is a bit off track here, but as an outsider, what do you think of the controversy surrounding the recent US presidential election?

A-We really don't like politics at all, I think this search for power makes the poeple sick and wanting more, so everyone gets corrupted by that. What just happened in the US is a sign that even in such powerfull countries democracy doesn't exist, and is just utopia!

W-Ok, time for some fun questions...If you only could bring 5 cds with you to a remote island, what would they be?

A-Personally, I would take: At the Gates - slaughter of the soul, Blind Guardian - Tales from the Twilight World, Iron Maiden - Live After Death, Sodom - Agent Orange Opeth - Still Life

W-If you could have your music be the soundtrack to any film, which one would you choose?

A-It's a good question maybe on Toy Story III or in the next Muppets film...hahaha! just kidding... I think it would interesting to have it on a strange film, one the deals with psychological problems, someone who tries to find himself and this leads him to madness...

W-Well, thanks for your time and good luck with the new material, I'm sure it will be great!

January 5, 2001
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