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Hail to you crazy Finn musicians! Cyberwarmachine was a very pleasant album to receive and a fun one to work on, I mean review and it got quite a few spins in my player.

Eniac: Thanks for enjoying our musical feces.

Who should we punish for creating such sinful music?

Eniac: We three(me, dr .Mike Lederfaust and 29A) are all equally responsible of this sinful content as you prefer to call it. And about punishment: hmm, Yes, Please, but just one fist at the time. Don ´t be gentle, BE cruel.

You guys appear as having a funny sense of humor and to quote the late Frank Zappa (R.I.P.) “Does Humor Belong in Music?” even more so if it’s metal?

Eniac: “Does Humor Belong in Music?” Of course it does! In Metal? Sure, why not. The point is: We do this kind of music seriously but we don´ t take ourselves that seriously. Certain amount of humorous approach and ironic self image mixed with serious dedication towards writing our music makes scorngrain´s machine work.

You have a great looking website. Do you create any (all) parts of it?

Eniac: Our friend Mikael Kran from everdyingmedia.org designed pages, which are based on our albums cover-art. Our guitarist dr. Mike does the updates And Mikael adds the pictures. So it is a team work.

The music on Cyberwarmachine is full of electronics and crushing riffs. What do you have to say to people complaining about keyboards not belonging in metal music? Eniac: Keyboards in metal music is like jerking off to a rubber boot. Some people like it I guess. You cannot please everybody. But, if a keyboard melody is what the song needs to be complete, why leave it out just because some one says:” it does not belong in metal music”. I think it is bullshit. In my opinion, there is not one single instrument what I have heard which does n´ t fit in metal music. Some call it reaching the extra- ordinary, I call it lack of imagination.

It sounds almost too good for a first release. You must have some recording experience or perhaps are you naturally burned musical geniuses. Your views?

Eniac : Thank you. We had so strong image in our head about the sounds and the atmosphere on this album. We made songs as ready as possible before entering the studio. We are more three music- loving maniacs than musicians. Musical geniuses!? Now that is a new one, hahaha. Our recording experience is limited to home made demos with PC. We had a great recording- and mixing engineer called Kimmo Perkkiö at MediaWorks- Studio in Joensuu, Finland. He also took part in production. He had great ideas for drum-, bass- and guitar sounds.

Who are your idols (in music)? Sources of inspirations?

Eniac: This is always tough, because the list is endless. All of the members have different influences. The base is same: Death- Thrash,- Industrial and BlackMetal in general. We always respect the founders of genre. It is weird to think how did they invent their music, because there was nobody who would show them the way. There is lot of examples. First there was Beatles, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc. in early days. And then Slayer, Pantera, Ministry, Korn…. As I said the list is endless. Then there are influences outside of music such as movies, documentaries, and some times real life… and of course porn.

Is Finland a good place to be practicing witchcraft…I mean metal music? Even cyber thrash?

Eniac: Would our music be as cold and hard if we have been born somewhere else? Of course the environment you live in is a really important issue. That is what you are. Finland is the best place for cyber thrash. Long, dark and cold winter days depresses you just right. Winter is quite inspirational season. Your eyes are freezing into your head, You have difficulties to stay on your feet because it is icy and slippery everywhere. Your car does not start in the morning. It´ s a livin´, but a word of warning if you are coming to Finland in winter: Don't eat the yellow snow .

What is the best thing about being a musician? Worst?

Eniac: You get to express yourself, and if some one else likes what you do, then that´ s even better. Sounds a bit cliché. Worst thing? I don ´t want mention anything specific or some one might think I ´m complaining about the situation that where we are fortunate to make our music without boundaries. There are some minor factors, but those are not worth mentioning.

What is your personal perception about this world? Religion?

Eniac: World will slowly decay after few decades, because people are not designed to last this kind of pulse of life. Work, work, work. It´s f***ing killing us! We are living in disposable world where you eat the weak and spit them out after first bite because the next bite is not that tasty as the first. We don´ t represent any religion what so ever. I think that all the wars have been fought under the name of some religious thought or belief. Religion=greed and greed=religion.

Is there anything you would like to add for our readers and your fans?

Eniac: Our album is available for US area via THE END Records .So what are you waiting for. Before or after purchasing our legal dose of cyber thrash madness get those fingers out from your lazy ass and visit our website www.scorngrain.com and check out our music video from the song “cyberwarmachine”. Stay mental!

I thank you for your time and witty answers.


April 14, 2005
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