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Out of the many, many bands coming out of Sweden these days, it's rare to find a band that seems to stand out from the crowd. Such a band is Eventide. I was lucky enough to be able to get some information from Max Seppala (drums) and Jacob Magnusson (vocals, guitars).

Wayfaerer- First off, could you give us a brief history of the band?

Eventide- We started up in the summer of '98 and in the fall of '99 we recorded our first demo ’caress the abstract’ in Los Angered Recording. We had a few offers from different labels but they weren’t interesting enough. The style of the first demo wasn’t really what we planned to do, The sound and the production was great. But we didn’t and don’t wanna sound like a regular Gothenburg band. So we took a step forward and began to write more progressive stuff which was natural for us since we listen mostly to progressive stuff like Dream theater or LTE or Marillion... And so the Promo 2000 began to take shape. It was mainly recorded in our rehearsal facility...except for the vocals which were recorded in Los Angered, where the mixing also took place. Now we are on the hunt for a record deal.

W- How would you describe your sound?

E- We mix progressive rythms, keyboards and clean vocals with melodic death metal elements such as growling, screaming and joddeling ( ? )The music is very melodic and sometimes pretty heavy...it is very hard to describe our music...

W- What are your influences?

E- Dream Theater, Reverend Black Percy, Marillion, Pantera, but we are mostly influenced by our thoughts and feelings...

W- Just out of curiousity, If you could do a tribute album of songs from one band, which band would you pick?

E- Eminem and/or Marillion

W- Looking at the website, I was amazed to see the very young ages of the band when I hear the amount of talent in your songs. How long has each of you been playing?

E- Doc. Magnusson - 5 years of guitar training and some vocal shower-sessions. Sir. Seppala - 10 years of drumming, four of them in private lessons. Mr. Linde - 10 years of guitar masturbation. Lt. Andersson - He is the new boy in the band, and he has been playing the bass for 6 years.

W- Are any record companies pursuing an interest in signing Eventide at the moment?

E- Some labels are more interested and some labels are less interested. We haven’t shipped out the new promos yet, and when we do that we hope that some labels will be interested enough to sign us.

W- It seems that you have some good connections already in the music business: Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) and Andy LaRoque (King Diamond), just to name two. Do you feel this has helped at all in the process of trying to find a record label?

E- It has helped very much, Niklas works almost as a manager for us when it comes to contacting the labels, He has given us great advices and support! Cheers Niklas! Andy has been a great support both in the studio and outside the studio. He is a great producer.

W- It seems to me that Eventide has a sound better than many veteran bands, do you find it frustrating not being able to get a record deal?

E- Yes it is very frustrating when you hear bands that can’t even play tight, when you know that you can play far better with far better material.

W- I have only heard one song off of Caress the Abstract, but it seems that with the new songs, you guys have come off more into your own sound. Is this the direction that you will be continuing with new material?

E- Well, it is hard to tell, every new song we make sounds different from the last one we wrote, the new songs (post-promo material) are more progressive and clean vocals only.

W- When I listen to Eventide, one of the first things I think of is how good the clean vocals sound. Have you had any singing lessons or is it just a naturally good voice? Also, are you thinking of moving in the direction of using all clean vocals? I personally love the use of clean and growled vocals.

E- I (Jacob) have never come near a song-therapist. I have listened to alot of music through the years, and I have always learned the lyrics and sung along with them...The natural thing for us to do is to have more clean vocals with some moments of screaming. I think growling is a bit passe nowadays...It is too similar to the behaviors of "pre-mankind" cave-men...

W- The lyrics have a depressing feel to them, do they have a particular meaning for you?

E- They represent our feelings in different situations, we are not depressed persons, but like everybody else we have our moments...

W- What do you guys do outside of Eventide?

E- 50 % of us have ordinary jobs and the rest goes to school. We (Magnusson and Seppala) also have (had?) a sideproject called ’Sleeping X’ in which we play acoustic rock/pop...

W- Do you have any gigs or events coming up? If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

E- We were set to play with In Flames on their releaseparty for Clayman in Stockholm, but unfortunately it was canceled. Right now we are focusing on teaching Lt. Andersson all the songs and writing new songs... If we could play anywhere? MONSTERS OF ROCK!

W- What have you guys been listening to lately?

E- Freak Kitchen, Eminem, Marillion, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Chroma Key, Dream Theater, A Perfect Circle, Pantera etc...

W- Do you have any religious beliefs, if you care to tell?

E- We are not religious, but we believe in the mighty power of alcohol =)

W- It seems that most of the good metal bands these days are all coming from Sweden, I just have to ask, is there something in the water over there or what? What are your opinions on the scene and why it came to be.

E- My (Jacob's) theory is what I call the "weather theory". The weather is so bad here most of the time, so there really isn’t much to do except for writing music or playing computer games or whatever...But why then doesn’t Russia have so many great bands? I will tell you:

Here in Sweden we settle for some beers but in Russia there is a great national scourge called Vodka of which they tend to drink alot! and in Germany they have Autobahn, icehockey-haircuts and influences such as Blumchen... thats my theory.

W- If you were able to meet one person in history, who would it be?

E- tough question... .hmmm... .eeeehhhh... . maybe Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff. They are still alive but they have meant so much to us...

W- Where would you like to see Eventide in 5 years?

E- On tour with Dream Theater!

W- Any closing comments you would like to make?

E- Thanks alot for this interview. We really enjoyed it, great intelligent questions with less intelligent answers =) Everybody watch out for Eventide!

OFFICIAL EVENTIDE SNAKEPIT: http:listen.to/eventide

/Doc. Magnusson and Sir. Seppala

W- Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Take care and good luck in getting a contract, you guys deserve one!

November 19, 2000
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