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1 La Division Mentale L'Extase des Fous
2 Lacrimas Profundere Ave End
3 Lacrimas Profundere Burning: A Wish
4 Lacrimas Profundere Fall, I Will Follow
5 Lacrimas Profundere Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
6 Lacrimosa Elodia
7 Lacrimosa Fassade
8 Lacrimosa Stille
9 Lacuna Coil Karmacode
10 Lacuna Coil Shallow Life
11 Lacuna Coil Unleashed Memories
12 Laethora March Of The Parasite
13 Lair of the Minotaur Ultimate Destroyer
14 Lake of Tears Black Brick Road
15 Lake of Tears Forever Autumn
16 Lake of Tears The Neonai
17 Lalu Oniric Metal
18 Lamb of God As The Palaces Burn
19 Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake
20 Lamb of God Sacrament
21 Lamb of God Wrath
22 Lamento Lugubre On The Endless Seas Of Sadness
23 Lead Weight For Thine is the Kingdome
24 Lead Weight Penetrator
25 Leash Law Dogface
26 Leaves' Eyes Legend Land
27 Leaves' Eyes Lovelorn
28 Leaves' Eyes Vinland Saga
29 Lecherous Nocturne Adoration of the Blade
30 Lefay SOS
31 Leng Tch'e Marasmus
32 Leng Tch'e The Process of Elimination
33 Let The Night Roar Let The Night Roar
34 Life In Vain To Sytherae
35 Lifend Innerscars
36 Ligature The Abolition Of Guilt
37 Ligeia Your Ghost is a Gift
38 Light This City Remains of the Gods
39 Lilitu Memorial
40 Lilitu The Delores Lesion
41 Lilitu The Earth Gods
42 Linear Sphere Reality Dysfunction
43 Linear Sphere Manvantara
44 Liquid Scarlet Liquid Scarlet
45 Little Dead Bertha Way Of Blind
46 Liv Kristine Enter My Religion
47 Longing For Dawn A Treacherous Ascension
48 Lord Belial Revelation: The 7th Seal
49 Lord Belial The Black Curse
50 Lord Belial The Seal Of Belial
51 Lordi The Arockalypse
52 Losa The Perfect Moment
53 Lost Detour Painted Veil
54 Lost Eden Cycle Repeats
55 Lost Horizon Awakening the World
56 Lost Soul Chaostream
57 Lothlorien The Primal Event
58 Loudblast Planet Pandemonium
59 Low Chain After Tonight All Of This Could Change
60 Luca Turilli King of the Nordic Twilight
61 Luciferion Demonication (The Manifest)
62 Luciferion The Apostate
63 Lumsk Troll
64 Lux Occulta My Guardian Anger
65 Lycosia Lycosia
66 Lythos Sadomass: The Forgotten Hymns
67 Lyzanxia Unsu
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