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1 R.A.C.E Revolt Against Cultural Extinction
2 Radiance ...and the Night Comes Down
3 Rage Ghosts
4 Rage Soundchaser
5 Rage Unity
6 Rage Welcome To The Other Side
7 Raging Speedhorn How the Great Have Fallen
8 Raging Speedhorn Raging Speedhorn
9 Ragnarok Blackdoor Miracle
10 Rain Fell Within Refuge
11 Rain Novelty The One To Judge
12 Rain Paint Nihil Nisi Mors
13 Raintime Flies and Lies
14 Raintime Tales From Sadness
15 Raise the Shield Play with Fire
16 Raise the Shield Release Yourself
17 Raise the Shield Shocked Awake
18 Rakoth Planeshift
19 Ram-Zet Intra
20 Rapture Futile
21 Rapture Songs For the Withering
22 Rapture The Silent Stage
23 Rate of Depress Bleach the Sky
24 Raunchy Confusion Bay
25 Raunchy Death Pop Romance
26 Raunchy Wasteland Discotheque
27 Ravager Naxzgul Rising
28 Razorback Criminal Justice
29 Rebirth of Nefast Only Death
30 Reborn in Flames Life or Death
31 Reckon with One The Purpose of Existence
32 Red Harvest Internal Punishment Programs
33 Redemption Redemption
34 Redemption The Fullness Of Time
35 Reflux The Illusion of Democracy
36 Regna Ritorno al Sentiero
37 Reich Misanthroperium Zum Sterben schön...
38 Reido F:\all
39 Repuked Excremental Funeral
40 Requiem Government Denies Knowledge
41 Retribution Retribution
42 Retribution Retribution Demo
43 Returner Dealing With This Death
44 Revengia A Decade in the Dark
45 Revolver Turbulence
46 Revtend Spread the Word
47 Rexor Infernum Dominium
48 Rhapsody Dawn of Victory
49 Rhapsody Rain of a Thousand Flames
50 Rhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands
51 Rhapsody Triumph Or Agony
52 Rictus Grin Living the Dream
53 Rigor Sardonicous Apocalypsis Damnare
54 Rising Moon ...For the Remained Time
55 Rising Moon Demo 2003
56 Ritual Carnage I, Infidel
57 Roadrunner United The All Star Sessions
58 Rob Rock Holy Hell
59 Ron Jarzombek Solitarily Speaking of Theoretical Confinement
60 Rosetta The Galilean Satellites
61 Rossomahaar A Divinity For The Worthless
62 Rot Provocativ
63 Rotting Christ A Dead Poem
64 Rotting Christ Genesis
65 Rotting Christ Khronos666
66 Rotting Christ Non Serviam
67 Rotting Christ Passage To Arcturo
68 Rotting Christ Sanctus Diavolos
69 Rotting Christ Thy Mighty Contract
70 Royal Hunt Eye Witness
71 Royal Hunt Fear
72 Royal Hunt The Mission
73 Rubber Miilk Orchestra When In Rome-Revolution
74 Ruinthrone Leaden Field
75 Rune Call Of Hearts
76 Runic Liar Flags
77 Running Wild Victory
78 Russell Allen's Atomic Soul Russell Allen's Atomic Soul
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