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1 Walpurgisnacht Moerasghesomp
2 Warlord Rising out of the Ashes
3 Warmen Accept The Fact
4 Wars of Winter Wars of Winter
5 Warspite Confrontation Course
6 Wastefall Self Exile
7 Wasteform Crushing the Reviled
8 Wasteform Ignorance Through Sovereignty
9 Watain Sworn to the Dark
10 Watch Them Die Bastard Son
11 Watch Them Die Watch Them Die
12 Waterclime The Astral Factor
13 WeltenBrand The End of The Wizard
14 Wetwork Synod
15 While Heaven Wept Of Empires Forlorn
16 White Skull Public Glory, Secret Agony
17 White Willow Signal to Noise
18 Whitechapel The Somatic Defilement
19 Windir Likferd
20 Winds Reflections of the I
21 Winds The Imaginary Direction Of Time
22 Winds Of Malice Snakes Shall Breed Under The Ruins
23 Winter of Apokalypse Solitary Winter Night
24 Winter Solstice The Fall of Rome
25 Winterlong Metal / Technology
26 Wintermoon Hellthrone Baphomet
27 Wintersun Wintersun
28 Withered Beauty Withered Beauty
29 Withering Surface Force The Pace
30 Within Temptation Mother Earth
31 Within Temptation The Heart of Everything
32 Within Temptation The Silent Force
33 Within Temptation What Have You Done (CD Single)
34 Within Y Extended Mental Dimensions
35 Without End Disease is Man
36 Without Face Astronomicon
37 Wojczech Sedimente
38 Wolverine Still
39 Wolverine The Window Purpose
40 Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars
41 Woods of Ypres Against the Seasons
42 Wormfood France
43 Wotan Carmina Barbarica
44 Wotan Vae Victis
45 Wrath Viking
46 Wretched Soul Requiems of Ruin
47 Wuthering Heights Far from the Madding Crowd
48 Wuthering Heights The Shadow Cabinet
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