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We apologize for this, but only the samples we have linked from other places are working.

To avoid copyright violation, all samples presented here are either short or low quality.

1 Believer , Sanity Obscure Wisdom's Call
2 Believer , Dimensions What Is but Cannot Be
3 Black Symphony , Black Symphony Never
4 Blind Guardian , Somewhere Far Beyond Theatre of Pain
5 Blind Guardian , Nightfall in Middle-Earth Mirror Mirror
6 Blind Guardian , Imaginations from the Other Side Another Holy War
7 Blind Guardian , Tales from the Twilight World Lord of the Rings
8 Borknagar , Quintessence Colossus
9 Bruce Dickinson , The Chemical Wedding The Tower
10 Bruce Dickinson , Accident of Birth Starchildren
11 Buried Dreams , Perceptions Perceptions
12 Buried Dreams , Perceptions The Mind's Subconscious
13 Buried Dreams , Perceptions The Riddle
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