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We apologize for this, but only the samples we have linked from other places are working.

To avoid copyright violation, all samples presented here are either short or low quality.

1 Warchild , Preaching to the Converted Life Goes On (full song)
2 Warchild , Preaching to the Converted Son of the Lies
3 Warchild , Preaching to the Converted Nothing to Share
4 Warchild , Preaching to the Converted Theater of Pain
5 Warlock , Triumph and Agony East Meets West
6 Warlock , Burning the Witches Homicide Rocker
7 Warlord , Deliver Us Lucifer's Hammer
8 Warlord , Best of Warlord Lucifer's Hammer
9 Warrior , Ancient Future White Mansions
10 Watchtower , Control and Resistance Instruments of Random Murder
11 White Skull , Public Glory, Secret Agony The Roman Empire
12 White Skull , Tales from the North Gods of the Sea
13 Wish , Monochrome Rain
14 Within Temptation , Mother Earth The Promise
15 Within Temptation , Enter Pearls of Light
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