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101 Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
102 Caliban A Small Boy And A Grey Heaven
103 Candlemass Candlemass
104 Candlemass King of the Grey Islands
105 Cannibal Corpse Butchered at Birth
106 Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide
107 Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed
108 Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face
109 Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism
110 Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn
111 Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
112 Cannibal Corpse Vile
113 Carcass Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment
114 Carcass Heartwork
115 Carcass NecroticismÂ… Descanting the Insalubrious
116 Carcass Reek of Putrefaction
117 Carcass Swansong
118 Carcass Wake Up and Smell the Carcass
119 Carnage Dark Recollections
120 Carnal Forge Firedemon
121 Catamenia Eternal Winter's Prophecy
122 Catwitch Faces
123 Celestial Season Orange
124 Celtic Frost Cold Lake
125 Celtic Frost To Mega Therion
126 Cephalic Carnage Anomalies
127 Chaosys The Inperfection is Yours
128 Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet?
129 Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper
130 Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll
131 Children of Bodom Hatebreeder
132 Children of Bodom Something Wild
133 Chimaira This Present Darkness
134 Control Denied The Fragile Art of Existence
135 Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast
136 Cradle of Filth Damnation and a Day
137 Cradle of Filth Dusk... and Her Embrace
138 Cradle of Filth From the Cradle to Enslave
139 Cradle of Filth Lovecraft and Witch Hearts
140 Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine
141 Cradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
142 Cradle of Filth Thornography
143 Crematory Transmigration
144 Cronic Disorder Torture Test
145 Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh
146 Cryptopsy None So Vile
147 Cult of Luna Salvation
148 Damageplan New Found Power
149 Damnation Destructo Evangelia
150 Dan Swano Moontower
151 Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal
152 Dark Shift The Assault
153 Dark Suns Existence
154 Dark Tranquillity Character
155 Dark Tranquillity Damage Done
156 Dark Tranquillity Haven
157 Dark Tranquillity Projector
158 Dark Tranquillity Skydancer
159 Dark Tranquillity The Gallery
160 Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin
161 Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
162 Darkthrone Hate Them
163 Darkthrone Translyvanian Hunger
164 Dead Silent Slumber Entombed in the Midnight Hour
165 Dead to Fall Everything I Touch Turns to Pieces
166 Dead to Fall Villiany & Virtue
167 Deadlock Wolves
168 Death Human
169 Death Individual Thought Patterns
170 Death Leprosy
171 Death Scream Bloody Gore
172 Death Symbolic
173 Death The Sound of Perseverance
174 Deeds of Flesh Gradually Melted
175 Dehumanized Prophecies Foretold
176 Deicide Deicide
177 Deicide Legion
178 Deicide Serpents Of The Light
179 Delusive Work of Art When Delusions Erupt
180 Demarrage Promo Version 1.0
181 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter
182 Demon Hunter Summer of Darkness
183 Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards
184 Destruction Thrash Anthems
185 Detonation An Epic Defiance
186 Devanic Mask Installed
187 Devildriver The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
188 Devin Townsend Accelerated Evolution
189 Devin Townsend Strapping Young Lad: City
190 Dimension Zero This Is Hell
191 Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon
192 Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
193 Dimmu Borgir For All Tid
194 Dimmu Borgir Inn I Evighetens Morke
195 Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
196 Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions
197 Dimmu Borgir Stormblast
198 Disillusion Back To Times of Splendor
199 Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow
200 Dissection Maha Kali
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