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1 I.N.R.I. Ultra Sonic Hatestorm
2 Iced Earth Days of Purgatory
3 Iced Earth Horror Show
4 Iced Earth Iced Earth
5 Iced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes
6 Iced Earth The Blessed and The Damned
7 Iced Earth The Glorious Burden
8 Iced Earth The Reckoning
9 Immortal At the Heart of Winter
10 Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness
11 In Flames Clayman
12 In Flames Colony
13 In Flames Reroute to Remain
14 In Flames Soundtrack to Your Escape
15 In Flames The Jester Race
16 In Flames The Tokyo Showdown
17 In Flames Trigger EP
18 In Flames Whoracle
19 In Thy Dreams Highest Beauty
20 Infestdead Hellfuck
21 Inhumaine War Under A Southern Sky
22 Insomnium In the Halls of Awaiting
23 Insomnium Since the Day It All Came Down
24 Insurrection These Chains
25 Into Eternity Buried in Oblivion
26 Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes
27 Iron Maiden Powerslave
28 Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
29 Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
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